A Better Cable Plow Blade

better-cable-plow-bladeFor over 30 years, it’s been our goal to build a better cable plow blade than anyone else.

Many of our customers have told us it’s hard for them to find a suitable blade to fit their cable plow. We custom manufacture blades, points, and guards (as well as make repairs or adjustments to plows on tractor!)

We don’t make the cheapest blades — but we do make the best.

Replaceable Teeth and Guards

All vibratory plow blades manufactured by Tom Williams Machine have readily replaceable heat-treated points (teeth) and guards. These parts can be changed within a few minutes with a hammer, punch and hand wrench.

Plow Blades for All Major Brands

We manufacture plow blades for ALL brands of cable plows, according to the customer’s specifications, and we are factory dealers for Bron cable plows.

For information on your specific needs, please contact us.